Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crafting Along With needle and thREAD

This week I made a dress for my neice, Birdy's, baby doll.

My sister, Meagan, bought the sweetest waldorf doll for Birdy's 2nd birthday this weekend. Alas, the poor thing was naked (other than a diaper), and in need of a cute dress to wear when opened.

I picked out a very girly birdy pattern, of course.
And whipped up a little baby doll dress for a little baby doll.
Birdy is a bit of a fashionista, so I hope she likes it!

Just got this book.. supposed to be great.  Maybe I'll take it on vacation with me :)

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  1. The dress is two cute! I'm sure it looks awesome on the doll.

  2. That little birdy is so cheerful! What a good Aunty you are :-)

  3. Very cute dress, Hanna! The birdy fabric is wonderful, I love it!
    And ... the book changed my birthing life! It is the book I always recommend. Some of its a bit artsy (like birth art - but we had fun doing pictures as a family!), but overall it gave me a new perspective and led to homebirths for me. never looked back. I also like the documentary by Ricki Lake, "The Business of Being Born." I'd recommend that one too! Take care!!

    1. Glad to gear that about the book--I will have to read while on vacation! Oh and we are having a homebirth here too! I loved "The Business of Being Born" so much I bought the sequel!

  4. What a gorgeous wee dress, I love your fabric placement!

  5. That dress is super cute! My daughter would love it. For herself probably too. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Birthing from within was my bible through both births. But most especially through the first. I took a birthing class based around the book which was also excellent.

  7. It's a great book! I loved it! Eli

  8. So Cute!!! Thank you for posting a link on my blog hop.
    Debi Bolocofsky

  9. I love the dress!! Thanks for stopping by and visiting us!
    Brooke from