Monday, May 21, 2012

The Midwife Assistant~Dispensing Herbs and Supplements!

Over the past 34 weeks of my pregnancy, Bunny has become quite the budding midwife
(and herbalist, and homeopathic doctor, and nutritionalist, and so on...).

Every morning, when we get to Nana's house for morning playschool, Bunny insists on getting me my vitamins, herbs, and supplements.

She is quickly learning the name of each one...

And the amount I take...

She takes great pride in her work...

And fills up my little cup.

She also takes her own Vitamin D...

And garlic oil.

Then chugs down a big gulp of water...

And brings me everything I need.

Various times throughout the day, Bunny checks on Baby Squirrely.

She gives her a little pat or a kiss...

And carries on with her day.


  1. Bunny sure takes good care of her mama! I'm sure she'll take great care of her baby sister, too. And your belly is looking just dandy.


  2. What a wonderful child, this makes me very happy to see, oh and not long now for baby time- so glad I have connected here.

  3. What a sweet and smart big sister! :)

  4. What a sweet daughter you have, so caring :-) She is going to be a wonderful big sister!!

    And thank you for sharing on Happy Family Times x

  5. What a wonderful way to share your pregnancy with her. Thank you for sharing it on Happy Family Times!

  6. Thanks for linking up again! You are nearing the end; how exciting!!

    That Bunny of yours is such a sweetheart!! She is going to be a great big sister and helper when this baby arrives!!