Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Links--Week Six

It has been so much fun looking through the various "Summer Links" submitted to the All Year Round Blog Carnival: Summer.  I thought it would be fun to pick a few of my favorite links from the previous week and highlight them each Sunday (I normally don't blog on Sundays, so this would be short and sweet!)

I keep forgetting to do this with our Playschool children... sipping honeysuckle! 
All Things Beautiful has a little tutorial in case you are blessed to have honeysuckle and somehow missed this Summer Bucket List item!

Mama Pea Pod has a great Magnifying Glass Activity that must go on our "do soon" list!

There were several great ideas for celebrating the Summer Solstice.  We did nothing in the way of celebrating... because *I* thought the baby would be born that day, so I didn't plan ahead for any related activities! haha

Love in the Suburbs has several fun ideas, such as baking this sun bread!

We (myself and all the co-hosts) would love if you'd join us in this fun sharing of summer ideas!  Be sure to visit my All Year Round Blog Carnival: Summer Page (at the top of my my blog) and link up all your fun summer posts!!


  1. I lived in NC as a kid, and sipped sweet honeysuckle all summer! I can still smell it when I remember.

    Your belly is looking great. How are you feeling?

    1. We are defintely blessed to have honeysuckle here in WV! I am feeling really good! Baby is putting herself in the ROT position... which is considered posterior (shifting between it and OA.)So I have been going to the chiro and doing a few baby spinning things to try to get get to "stick" more OA. Keep us in prayer, please!

      It is kinda crazy to think she could come naytime.. today or weeks from now lol

  2. Yes, that is wild that she could be here any time! I am so looking forward to seeing pics of that sweet little thing. Will keep you in would be good not to have another posterior, ay?

  3. So playing catch up after being away all weekend and was hoping/expecting to hear about the newest member making an arrival...sigh....hope you are feeling well and not too miserable in the heat. Loved your photos from Friday!!