Sunday, September 23, 2012

The All Year Round Blog Carnival: Autumn: September 23rd


It is so much fun to co-host the Autumn Edition of the All Year Round Blog Carnival, hosted by SunnyDayTodayMama.  Every day new ideas, crafts, recipes are being added to the list! Each week, I hope to highlight a few of my favorite ideas!

Famiglia&Seoul shared Painted Salt Dough Leaves for Fall.
With Bunny's love of paining, this is a must-do!

Delightful Children's Books shared Ten Children's Books About Fall. 
We will be sure to check a few of these out!

One of my very favorite fall projects making its way around Pinterest are these beautiful
Maple Seed Birds by Reading Confetti!

A great project, that would be a "mama amd me" project in my home (due to Bunny's age), is this

PlayDrMom had another painting project that I loved!  We often use coffee filters for art projects.  She used them to make beautiful fall leaves!

Be sure to check out the entire Autumn Carnival.  You will be inspired, I promise!
Then come back and link up your creations, activities, books, whatever fall ideas you enjoy!
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  1. This is a lovely selection from the Autumn Carnival! Thank you so much for hosting again! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing both of those leaf posts from me!!! Love the blog carnival!!!

  3. Thanks for featuring our maple seed birds!

  4. Thanks for featuring our salt dough leaves! We had such fun creating them!