Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Melt my Heart ♥ Eco-Kids Tuesday!

I have been striving to get outside every day.
No matter how cold it is out.

We have actually been lucky and, though the nights are freezing temps,
the days have been mostly tolerable, and some even rather warm.

We have great adventures while out for our walks

On this, one of our warmer days (hence no gloves),
we spent a great deal of time cracking ice in one way or another.  

Stomping, throwing, sliding across, falling.
Cheering, shrieking, laughing.

And sometimes a few tears followed by helping, hugging, and hand holding.
All true ice breakers.

There are many different kinds of warmth.

The most obvious that have to do with temperature.

And the less obvious, but just as important.

A child needs both in order to grow properly. 

My little icebreakers are quite heartwarming.

Now, onto the Eco-Kids Tuesday Link-Up!  Welcome!!  Eco-Kids Tuesday is growing by leaps and bounds!!  Last week we had 63 great posts shared with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! I enjoyed each and every one of them.  It is getting harder and harder each week to pick just a few features! 
Here are three of my favorites:

madebyjoey shared the sweetest flower pots!

Geocaching is something I have been interested in...whohastimefortthegym tells us all about it!

These edible sugar flowers by Happy Whimsical Hearts are gorgeous!

Thanks to ALL of you for sharing such wonderful ideas!  If you were featured please feel free to grab a button for your blog.  And please keep linking up great all your Eco-Kid ideas!

Like Mama~Like Daughter
Like Mama~Like Daughter

Now on to the party!!!  I hope that you'll share some great family-friendly posts that are also friendly for the environment. Some ideas include:
  • Nature Activities
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Crafts made with re-purposed or recycled materials
  • Sewing and DIY home projects
  • Science Experiments
  • Posts on environmental issues for kids or families
  • Non-toxic living
  • Homeopathic Remedies
Eco-Kids Tuesdays is co-hosted by Organic Aspirations and Like Mama~Like Daughter this means that anything you link-up shows up on both blogs!

Feel free to link up several of your posts.

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Like Mama~Like Daughter

Like Mama~Like Daughter


  1. Thanks so much for hosting Hannah. Such lovely pics!

    I've just started a blog hop specifically for pregnancy and new baby posts - old + new welcome - and would absolutely love for you to link up: http://mumsmakelists.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/the-friday-baby-shower-lovely-new-blog.html

    Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

  2. Those pictures are so precious!

  3. Looks like a fun adventure, ice is so much fun to play with. Your little ice breakers looks so cute all cuddled up :)

  4. Thanks for inviting me to link up to your Eco Kids party! Lots of great posts shared here :)

  5. Thanks Hannah for featuring our flower pots today! There are so many great posts here to read!
    ~ joey ~

  6. Hi Hannah...if you are interested, you can go to this link for a handy code generator for your buttons!

    You can just delete this message when you are done with it :)

  7. So happy to be here, and excited to see all the great posts! Thanks for inviting me.

  8. You've piqued my interest for geocaching. Gotta find out more!

  9. thanks for the invite back from Country Kids. I have linked up now. Loving your ice breakers, it looks like you have had it properly cold this past week!

  10. We tried geocaching once without a GPS, and we did find the treasure, but it was pretty difficult. I am sure once my kids are a little older they will enjoy it. Thanks for hosting; sorry I had to dig into the archives this week!

  11. Awww, such cute photos! Looks like a lot of fun :) This week I linked up some photos from around our homestead, including photos of our animals. Hope you're having a great week!

  12. You are a brave momma to go out in the cold everyday. I love winter months but I love them because I get to stay in and be cozy warm in my home. LOL I love the summer because I love being outside!!! At any rate. I love the intro to your post. I will link up soon with a DIY sewing project that I did for my girls a over a year ago! Happy Blogging!

  13. great pics, I enjoyed reading :)

  14. Hannah, thanks so much for adding this to the outdoor play link up, I love the way all children just have so much fun smashing up ice - such simple pleasures. Kierna

  15. Burr to the ice! Learn loads from it though!

  16. So cute the way they cuddle. Thanks for linking up at Family Fun Friday! http://happyandblessedhome.com