Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stamping Fun at Eco-Kids Tuesday

Bunny has been having lot of fun with stamping lately,
so I thought I would try out this fun idea I saw on Pinterest.

We cut the bottoms off a couple of stocks... Or is it bunches? Stocks?
We cut the bottoms off some celery, and dipped them into paint to stamp.

They came out looking like roses!

Bunny had lots of fun with it and covered multiple pieces of paper with multiple colored stamps.

I am thinking we will make more as Mother's Days cards come May.

Welcome to this week's Eco Kids Tuesday!!

This week I am choosing features through the eyes of my almost three year little girl, Bunny!!!
What links would she love?!?

My Bunny loves all things horses!  She would LOVE this horse rein shared by Ziezo!

An Idea on Tuesday shared these adorable pirates and mermaids,
which are another favorite thing of Bunny's!

   Mama Rosemary shared her Cinnamon Day with her preschoolers!
Bunny loves scented playdough!

Thanks to ALL of you for sharing such wonderful ideas!  If you were featured please feel free to grab a button for your blog.  And please keep linking up great all your Eco-Kid ideas!

Like Mama~Like Daughter
Like Mama~Like Daughter

Now on to the party!!!  I hope that you'll share some great family-friendly posts that are also friendly for the environment. Some ideas include:
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  • Outdoor Activities
  • Crafts made with re-purposed or recycled materials
  • Sewing and DIY home projects
  • Science Experiments
  • Posts on environmental issues for kids or families
  • Non-toxic living
  • Homeopathic Remedies
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Like Mama~Like Daughter

Like Mama~Like Daughter


  1. My girsl loved stamping with celery last year! Peppers are fun too! Thanks fr hosting!

    1. Peppers would be really good for St Patricks Day!!

  2. What a great idea, stamping with celery. That's totally a Pinterest idea I can follow through!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my pirates and mermaids. I teach 3 year olds and they also loved them.

  4. Absolutely love the celery printing - these look brilliant! It is Mother's Day here in Britain on Sunday so think we will borrow the idea to make Grandma's card :-)

  5. Wow I absolutely love those roses -- they are so beautiful!!! I will definitely pin this :)

  6. Another fun party here this week! Can't wait to start digging around.

    Today I'm sharing, "What's In YOUR Skincare Products?" We need to be very savvy when using lotions, butters, cleansers, ANY products on our skin (the largest organ of our body). I hope that you and your readers enjoy this post and learn a little bit.

    Thanks for hosting! :)


  7. Thanks for sharing my Cinnamon Day post. I love those celery roses, what a fun idea!

  8. Linked up a couple of posts this week. One on getting started with beekeeping and one on my "naked" mushroom pizza! Thanks for hosting and have a great week!

  9. Thanks for hosting! So many great ideas!

  10. Love those clothespin folks...and who'da thought celery bottoms made roses? thanks for posting!

  11. (it's stalk hehe) I love the rose effect. I may have to give that one a try to make greeting cards. Thank you for sharing!

  12. Such a great idea! Featuring this tomorrow at Thrifty Thursday! Hope you join us again! :)