Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Friday Afternoons and Eco Kids Tuesday Linky Party!

Ever since going back to work after I had Squirrely, I have taken Fridays off.  I really needed a day to focus on housework, and I felt like Bunny and I really needed some special time together. 

Every Friday afternoon, after we have done our chores and put Baby Sister down for her long afternoon nap, we find some sort of project to work on together. This week we had a couple of Playsilks to dye.

While the silks were hanging out to dry, we made some Peanut Butter Cookies (see recipe here)  to take with us to The Birth Circle the next day.

Bunny has been learning to crack eggs by cracking them into a small bowl, inspecting and removing any pieces of shell, then dumping the egg into the big mixing bowl.

She concentrates hard on the task at hand.

After mixing up the dough and filling two cookie sheets, we had a bit of dough left over, so I gave a little to Bunny to make her own cookies.

She rolled and patted and pressed her cookies down with a fork.

I bet you can't even tell what ones are hers!

She declared that she made them for papa. 
When he got home, he ate every last crumb of them
and declared them the best cookies he had ever eaten.
He is such a good papa!

As soon as we pulled the last batch of cookies out of the oven, Squirrely woke up and the sister snuggles ensued.

 I so enjoy Friday afternoons. I am so blessed!

I am very excited to be joining Becki, over at Organic Aspirations, as a co-host for her Eco-Kids Tuesday.   When she invited me to link up last week, I hurried over to her beautiful blog!  I immediately felt an instant kinship: Wives, mamas of two little girls, lovers of God, our families, crafting, repurposing, nature, and natural living! We have a lot in common.. even our location is just a couple of hours apart.  So I did something very out of character for me... I asked her if I could co-host Eco-Kids Tuesday!  And she said YES!! So......

Please join me for the Eco-Kids Linky!  I hope that you'll share some great family-friendly posts that are also friendly for the environment. Some ideas include:
  •  Nature Activities
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Crafts made with re-purposed or recycled materials
  • Sewing and DIY home projects
  • Science Experiments
  • Posts on environmental issues for kids or families
  • Non-toxic living
  • Homeopathic Remedies
Eco-Kids Tuesdays is co-hosted by Organic Aspirations and Like Mama~Like Daughter this means that anything you link-up shows up on both blogs!

Feel free to link up several of your posts.

There are only a few rules:

Please follow both co-hostess' blogs, and visit some of the other posts and give them some encouragement!  Please stick to posts and photos not giveaways or items for sale.

By linking up, you are agreeing that Organic Aspirations or Like Mama~Like Daughter can feature your photos next week with a link back to your site.  

Please link back to my site using this button (once I get it fixed !!) OR simply text linking within your post!

Like Mama~Like Daughter
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  1. Oh how I wish blogging had been around when I was having my boys. So much wonderful stuff I could have used!

    1. It is a blessing to have so many ideas, inspirations, etc to help me a long in my mothering!

  2. There is a great website that can generate a button grab box for you - i've taken out the http and the www so that it doesn't disappear into your spam file.

    Brilliant linky. I'm adding to my linky page so I can link up regularly - as long as i'm eco enough ; )

    1. I am betting, considering the broad range of possibilities listed above, you WILL be eco enough weekly ;)

  3. What a great link up! Thanks for telling me about it, I'll be back!
    ~ joey ~

  4. I just linked up--thanks for the invitation! I'm on my way to go visit your co-host now too!

  5. Your girls are so cute, really. I just love those tiny-hand-patted cookies.

  6. Saw you on a different blog and thought I would throw my hat in.

    1. Thanks so much for adding your cloth diapering link!!

  7. What a great website! Loads of inspiration. From Keeping my Toddler Entertained

  8. What a lovely tradition to have a chores day, and have your daughter help out too. I love that it makes the simple and everyday so beautiful. And you have reminded me that I want to have play silks at home for my kids. They love open ended play materials like that too.

  9. So cute! I love Fridays, too! We get to take it easy after school, and my son gets to stay up a little later. He has two cats and a chocolate Lab to snuggle with!

  10. What a wonderful afternoon! I love her cookies. My daughter was practicing cracking eggs, but didn't like that she got her hands messy so now she puts the cracks in the egg and passes it to me to open. Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!

  11. Brilliant project you have there. Friday afternoons will definitely be a good one if spent doing such artwork. Keep going.