Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back To Basics~Homemade Happiness

{I am a woman on a mission. A mission to declutter our home and our lives. To make more and buy less. To find the things we truly love in life and hold onto them. A mission to get back to basics. The progress is slow as I work full time (at home) and have a husband and baby to care for. However, what I have accomplished has made a great improvement in our lives.}

Tree Blocks~

Recently we had to cut down a tree in our back yard (it was damaged from a storm and I was concerned it  would fall on the house). We used most of the wood for a bonfire, but I saved several small branches to use for projects. Now, my wonderful husband has made me the best thing ever. Tree blocks! He cut up some of the branches into 1/2 inch to four inch segments and I piled them into a basket. They are the prettiest sight, the daycare children love them, and it makes me smile to see them playing with the blocks.

It is things like tree blocks that make me want to have more natural and homemade things. To get back to basics and get rid of all this stuff in my house. When something so simple can be so beautiful, it makes me wonder why we have so many complications in life.      

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  1. WOW you sure do have a nice hubby!! I want tree blocks, those are super cute and I am loving more natural things for the kids to play with

  2. I just asked my hubby to make some of these, and he said YES! Wooo! I'm hoping we can get them done in time for Christmas!

    1. I'm featuring this awesome post tomorrow on Organic Aspirations!