Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Breastfeeding ~ The Best Thing Ever

I've always known I would breastfeed. Even when I would play with dollbabies as a small girl, I would pretend to nurse them. It made sense in every way to me. It is cheap, it is healthier for Baby and Mama (you burn 500 calories a day breastfeeding), you don't have to haul around formula every time you go somewhere, you don't have to get up at night to make bottles. I knew all of these things and I knew breastfeeding was right for me and my future babies.

 So I set out on this breastfeeding adventure with a positive attitude, determined to make it work. The first time I nursed my daughter was in the delivery room. One of the nurses helped her to latch on and said that she was a natural. There wasn't much in there at all, just a thick, yellowy liquid (colostrum). Later that night she nursed for an hour straight. Early the next morning, she latched on to nurse again. Ouch! Sore nipples are no fun, but at least I knew I was doing the right thing for myself and my baby. The nurses gave me some lanolin. That helped some, but was so thick it hurt to put it on.

The next day we went home. Finally home. We curled up in our own bed and I wondered why I ever left it in the first place. There is no place like home. When we woke up I latched her on. Still ouch! But this time creamy, white, sweet smelling milk poured from my breast into my baby's mouth. She choked on it. I held her up to help her catch her breath. But the milk kept on coming. I grabbed a burp cloth and held it under my breast as the milk steamed out. My mama came in from the next room and said that my milk had come in. I finished nursing my daughter and went to change my milk soaked shirt. I put on a Glamourmom nursing tank, then we went back to sleep. A day later my nipples were cracked and sore. I'd gasp when she latched on. The lanolin didn't seem to help much, but Motherlove Nipple Cream helped a lot. I slathered it on. The thicker the better. Ahh! Sweet relief. The next day was better, and the day after that better still. I learned how to nurse her laying down, and how to keep my shirts from getting soaked as often. I finally felt like I was getting the hang of it.

Soon I was an expert nurser. I had accomplished my goal. What's more, I found that I wasn't doing it because it made sense anymore. Even if they invented a magical formula that was as healthy as breastmilk and you could get it free, ready made, in any place, any time, I would still breastfeed my daughter. I love to see her look up at me and smile so big that milk spills out of her mouth. I love that she needs me and not just some plastic and silicone filled with artificial milk. I love to wake up from a nap with her and find her still attached to me (physically and emotionally). I love that, for that small amount of time, she is a part of me. I love breastfeeding.


  1. <3 <3
    I love breastfeeding also
    I breastfeed Monkey for 18 months and have no idea how long I will nurse Birdie
    My favorite smiles are the ones where she stops nursing, looks at me and smiles while the milk pours out her milk and the breasr is still in her mouth
    I too love that she NEEDS me. I am the only one that can feed her.
    I am so proud of how well my sister has done breastfeeding her Bunny

  2. I'm so glad your first experience started so well. I had a bumpier start, but I am so glad to have persevered, and to still be nursing my 20 month old.