Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Reason Why

I woke up this morning to the sound of the phone ringing. As I opened my eyes, I looked to my right and saw that the phone had also woken my daughter. She lay there in the crook of my arm, her blue eyes opened wide. She smiled up at me with that toothless, gummy smile, and my heart melted. The truth is I don’t love co-sleeping because I think it’s easier, comfier, or even good for my baby to feel close to me. I love co-sleeping because I can’t imagine not waking up to her beautiful little face every morning of her young life. I can’t imagine having to put her to sleep and lay her down in her own bed, in her own room, every night. I can’t imagine her not being my snuggle bunny. The reason why I love co-sleeping is it gives me everything I want out of being a mama. My husband also loves snuggling with his girls.

 P.S. It is also easer, comfier, and good for my baby to feel close to me.


  1. Let's try again---

    Co-sleeping with my Littles (all those many years ago) is my most favorite memories! (I know the grammar is not correct but the statement stands) Steve agrees! So once again--Like Mama, like daughters (cause both of my girls co sleep with their babes!)

  2. It is, indeed, a wonderful thing to wake to a smiling baby in the crook of your arm! <3

  3. Nod!! Even rude awakenings (son putting phone by mom's ear with dad on the other end with an urgent issue LOL) are made better by having baby snuggled up! <3

  4. I coslept with Bray til he was 18 months old and he does still come in our bed if he needs to
    Bailey co sleeps and will for a while
    I couldnt imagine putting her to sleep then putting her in her own room :(
    I have enough trouble putting her in the co sleeper next to me, I love co sleeping

  5. I like co-sleeping too because, one i don't get woke up to go get the baby in the middle of the night, two I can snuggle with my wife and bunny together, three when bunny wakes up I am the second thing she sees and she gives that big gummy smile too. I think
    co-sleeping just makes sense because your not always worried about the
    baby. If she's with you in your room it makes it easier on your wife to nurse and you can keep both of them safer.