Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An Enchanted Childhood

Enchanted Childhood Daycare—Fall Newsletter

"Autumn is a second spring when every flower is a leaf."

Things are starting to cool down a bit and fall is in the air. As much as we love fall, we do not look forward to that season that comes after it! But for now, we will enjoy fall and all it offers—more nature walks, leaves to play in, apples and pears and the last of the garden veggies!

The “theme” for this school year will be “Childhood Classics”. We will be reading a great children’s classic each week and doing related activities. For example, this past week, we read several of Beatrix Potter’s books including Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, and The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies. Some of our activities included eating “rabbit pie”, making bunny ears, water color painting, walks to “Mr McGregor’s” garden, and eating “bread and milk and blackberries” for breakfast. We changed our CircleTime songs and activities to focus on our theme of bunnies. We will continue to read B. Potter books this coming week, before moving on to other great books.

While we are focusing on children’s classics, we will not be neglecting other learning activities. We will still be working on map skills (the big guys, ages 3 and 4, can ID approx 25 countries, oceans, and continents as well as about 20 states!) We will continue to work on letter sounds and letter recognition, along with numbers and counting. We will do science experiments and activities from time to time. We have a number of activities for large and small motor skills development (games that encourage hopping, crawling, etc and activities such as putting toothpicks into small holes in the lid of a jar, working small puzzles,etc.)                                           

We will continue to play outside daily (unless raining) and hope to spend at least 30 minutes outside even in the winter, as long as the temperature is in the 30’s or above.

We so enjoy our job—the children are awesome! We try very hard to give them lots of love, lots of learning, and lots of laughter. We try to give them an “enchanted childhood” …the kind all children deserve!

 Love you all! ~Kerri and Hannah

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