Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Living Purposefully~Family Goals

May we always. . . 

In all things, glorify God
*Follow His path, even when it is not our own
*Pray, worship, and serve together
*Fellowship with other believers

Be each other’s best friends
*Play and laugh together
*Spend one on one time together
*Encourage and comfort each other

Treat each other with respect
*Speak gently
*Act kindly
*Take each other’s feelings seriously

Be together as much as possible
*Guard our commitments away from home
*Go on regular outings as a family
*Have almost every breakfast and supper together

Let our little light shine
*Keep our home clean and peaceful, to welcome others
*Help each other and others
*Act as if you are the only example of God’s love someone will ever see

Live simply, within our means
*Continue to be debt free
*Be content with what we have and plan ahead for what we want and need
*Keep only what we use and love

Be good stewards
*Of our bodies
*Of our home
*Of our world

Be lifelong learners
*Help each other learn to do it ourselves
*Try new things together

Work hard
*Do our very best at whatever we do
*Persevere (try, try again)
*Do not complain

Fill our home with love
*Love for God
*Love for each other
*Love for life

These are our family goals. A mission statement inspired by Simple Mom

"The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want."
Ben Stein

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  1. Love them.. Why is it that I look up to and admire my baby sister so much? What its cause she is cool and a great mama and wife!!!