Saturday, September 25, 2010

What I Am To Me

I am foremost, a wife and a mother.
Next, I'm a daughter and daycare provider,
A sister, an aunt, a Hanny, a Fee.
This is a description of what I am to me

I worship God, every day of the week.
It is His direction that I try to seek.
I consider myself a conservative hippy.
I am a homemaker. I try to be thrifty.

If you don't get to know me, I can be misread.
I am sometimes quite shy, unless something needs said.
I have my beliefs. I believe they are true.
I like the outdoors. I don't like to wear shoes.

I have only kissed one man in my life.
I am now proud to say, I am his wife.
I am an old soul, who is young at heart.
If I cannot finish something, then I don't like to start.

I like to rhyme things, if you couldn't tell.
I love art and history, but I cannot spell.
I am a tomboy, who grew into a woman.
I love to say that I can when the world said I couldn't

Being a little different doesn't really bother me.
I guess I've never been tempted by normality. 
I try my best to do what I know to be right.
Because I know if I don't, I'll have to pay the price.

I am extremely happy 98% of the time.
I put my baby in cloth diapers. I hang clothes on the line.
I live next door to my grandparents and  parents.
I guess I am a homebody to a certain extent.

I love spring, like summer, love fall.
I could pretty much do without winter at all.
I want to be boss, but I need to be lead.
I like to smile at people and hope that it spreads.

I like to take pictures, but am not a photographer.
I like to star gaze, but am not an astonomer.
I have quite a long story, so it's often untold.
Some of my best times have been with two year olds.

I try my very best to me true to myself.
I imagine the stories in the books on the shelves.
I always have plans and interests and projects.
I love simple things, though I am complex.

Though I don't feel like this poem is done,
I'll save the rest for another day's fun!

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