Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten Things

Ten things I have done/am doing~

  1. Married my first and only love on the beach!
  2. Had a baby
  3. Live debt free
  4. Work at home (daycare)
  5. Use cloth diapers
  6. Breastfeed
  7. Remodeled my house
  8. Write a blog
  9. Learning to crochet
  10. Use a clothesline (and hope to more often)

and ten things I hope to do (someday)~

  1. Renew our vows (maybe after 10 years)
  2. Have another baby...or two....or three....or four AND homebirth them!
  3. Buy and manage an income property
  4. Write a book
  5. Learn to sew
  6. Braid my daughter's hair
  7. Tandem nurse
  8. Visit a foreign country
  9. Homeschool my children
  10. Eat more organically


  1. you are very accomplished for being so young and love what you want to do still!

  2. Those are great aspirations!
    Reading through brings back such good memories of the things that I have done on your list...some not so good (remodel LOL)

  3. Wonderful! You are an inspiration to my daughters!