Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Veterans' Day!

Sometimes, what makes a veteran a hero has nothing to do with being a soldier. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with going to war, fighting, or even joining the military.

Sometimes, a veteran is a hero long before any of that.

He might have become a hero by some great feat of bravery or strength.
He might have become a hero by saving someone or stopping something bad from happening. 

Him with Dad

Him with Mama


Him with his girlfriend

Him with the daycare children

Our whole family just before he deployed

 Or, he might be a hero just because he was the best big brother in the world to his little sister.

To her, that is why he always has been and always will be a hero.

Him with me

Happy Veterans' Day!

Him with Bunny

P.S He is the best uncle in the world too!

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  1. *tear*
    Ok so that might have made me tear up just a little
    He is the Best Little Brother to this Big Sister, ok maybe the best brother ever! and an Awesome Uncle to my two kids!!