Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I miss those like Robin Hood and his merry men.
I often wish that they would come back to life again.
I miss the way they fought, and the way they won.
I miss the way that they were heroes, when all was said and done.

I miss Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin, and Washinton too.
I miss the way that they would have died for what they knew was true.
I wonder what would happen if they were here today.
I wonder what they would think. I wonder what they'd say.

I miss the Constitution, freedoms, liberties, and rights.
I miss proof that our star spangled banner is still there through the night.
I miss money on the barrel. I miss working for our food.
I miss Davy Crockett, and all those who stood for good.

I miss hometown heroes. I miss walking tall.
I miss my America. The one I hardly can recall.
I miss little lights shining. I miss doing what is right.
I want to have the old days back, this I want with all my might.

I miss Jesus Christ of Nazereth, though He is with me now.
My heart and soul long for the day when He comes down from the clouds.
My heart will leap for joy. My knees will hit the ground.
Oh, that glorious, wonderful day when I hear that trumpet sound!

I am not afaid to die because I know where I am going.
I will not be afraid to live if You tell me what to be doing.
We are one nation under God. The whole universe is under You.
 I just pray and I will trust that You will see US through.


  1. Election day thoughts? I always enjoy your poetry!

  2. Did you write this, Hannah? Beautiful!!!!


  3. Yeah, Hubs and I were watching Robin Hood and I started thinking that we could use him (and others like him) here now.

  4. Wow you are an AWESOME writer!!