Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What I Am To Me ~ Part Two

My mind is, quite often,
 In a time long ago.
In places, with people
That I'd like to know.

My own imagination,
Gets carried away with itself.
And I end up with faeries,
Or gnomes, or elves.

When I find that I
Can no longer fight it.
I pick up a pencil,
And I start to write it.

I research the facts,
Cause I don't like to be fooled.
It is my advantage,
That I was homeschooled
I do love my curly hair,
But I always wear it up.
God gave me so many blessings,
They're overflowing my cup.

I co-sleep with my daughter,
I responsively nurse.
I say OMGosh!
And I (almost) never curse.

I selectively vaccinate.
I'll home birth next time.
I like to write poems,
Cause I like things that rhyme.

My husband is my hero.
He's strong but sweet.
When life knocks me down,
He stands up for me.

In my own life,
There is plenty of bad
But I feel for those,
Who don't have what I have.

I must stop now,
Because I'll start to rant.
But I'll be back later,
For What I Can And What I Can't.

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