Monday, November 1, 2010

What Is In A Name

Bunny has a new favorite word.

A very small word that means very much.

A word that, by its very utterance, is love.

Hubs is really excited and just a little bit proud.

I am really excited and just a little bit jealous.

She might be in the bath tub, or rolling around on the floor.

Suddenly she will look up, take a deep breath, and yell with all her might. 

"Ah Da!"


She says it and she means it.

And although she has said "mama" in the past

(and continues to say it daily),

it is almost always when she is fussing, crying, or fighting sleep.

Not normally when she just wants me.

So I am a little jealous.

For me, she says it when she needs to,

when she is desperate,

when she is at the end of her rope.

But for him, she says it when she wants to play,

or go outside,

or just see his face.

In the end I understand.

It is no wonder why she loves him so.

After all, he is amazing!