Monday, December 20, 2010

Elfing: Fake Fudge

One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is "elfing" (SouleMama's word). From making homemade gifts and goodies, to decorating, to staying up late wrapping presents even though Bunny is only eight and a half months old and wouldn't know the difference, to hiding Hubs' present in plain sight just because I know he will never think to look there (It has been over a month and he still hasn't found it!). I love the mystery and the magic that surrounds it all. Elfing gets you in the Christmas spirit! A spirit that is being replaced more and more each year by hustle and bustle and stress. 'Tis the season to be jolly and there is nothing more jolly than a little elfing!

 All my life, my dad has made "Real Hershey's Fudge". It was the definition of Christmas time perfection. However, over the years, he has, well, slacked on his fudging. Out of desperation, I have been forced to do some fudging of my own.

My fudge is not "Real Hersey's Fudge"... It is "Fake Fudge". But it is good. My recipe consists of one 11oz bag of chocolate chips and one jar of chocolate fudge icing. Melt the chips and mix in the icing. Then spread into a baking dish and allow it to harden. I sometimes use other flavors such as white chocolate chips and lemon icing or butter scotch chips and butter cream icing.

P.S. Nothing goes better with fudge than a little milk!
(Don't worry, I didn't give Bunny any fudge)

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  1. hee hee look at Bunny's sweet little toes in that picture!!!!!