Friday, December 31, 2010

On The Eve Of The New Year...

This morning, I woke. I nursed Bunny. I dressed us both. I walked us to Mama's to work (Hubs had to go to work early). The children and I did your normal morning routine. We went for a walk to Poppaw's. We ate lunch at Nana's and walked to to my house for naps. While they napped, I played with Bunny and cleaned up the house. When Bunny napped, I relaxed and blogged. Hubs got home. We talked about plans for the coming year. The children woke, played, and went home. Hubs went to the store to buy stuff for our New Years Eve party at Mama's house. Bunny woke and I dressed her for the party. Hubs got home.
We got ready. We went to Mama's. We ate good food, saw good people, and had good conversation.
We took Bunny home for bath and bed. She is sleeping and Hubs and I are watching movies. 

Hope everyone has a happy new year! I know we will!

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