Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winter Woes

So... The gas is out... It was working fine this morning, but when we came home after lunch time, it was out... Our oven, our stove, our furnace, our dryer and our hot water all rely on gas... Dad and Hubs will have to check it out this evening... Until then, we will have to rally.

We were planning to make tea and cookies after nap time. However, we will have to settle for something else. Our dinner is already safe. We are making venison roast, potatoes, and carrots in the crock pot to take to Mama's house for my family.

It is starting to get chilly in here. Right now, all the children are napping and covered up with thick fleece blankets. When they get up, however, I will have to make sure they keep warm. Babies and young children often can't tell if they are cold or not. So it is my job to make sure they are bundled up properly.

Before Bunny went to sleep (she was still up when we realized that there was no gas), I re-dressed her in warmer clothes. She already had on an under shirt (as she always does this time of year). I topped that with a sweater dress, added fleece pants, socks, and booties (mostly to keep her socks on). I also put a knit hat on her head, but it didn't last long (I'll try it again when she wakes up). For myself, I have on wool socks, fleece pants, a tank top, and a sweater. If the cold gets unbearable, Hubs will set up the propane heater.

For the older children, I made sure that they kept socks on their feet, wore sweat shirts, and gave them bunches of hugs to keep warm.

So... Dad and Hubs plunged the line. So now we have gas!!! Our dinner was delicious, not to mention completely organic... Bunny and I took a warm bath and she is now sleeping in our warm bed... I plan to join her soon... I love my life!

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