Saturday, February 12, 2011

An Enchanted Childhood~ Daycare: February 7th-11th

We have been asked many times to write up our "lesson plans" so others could use them.  Honestly, we just spend a little time thinking about how we want the "school year" to look and go from there.  We wing-it a lot, doing impromptu things that add to our plans.  I am always amazed that anyone would think what we do is worthy of writing down for others to read, but here it goes!

This year, we are doing "Childhood Classics"--reading great children's books--you know, the kind every child should get to know, and then doing little activities to go with it.

Another week has come and gone.  The days are flying by, which is OK by us for the moment.  Spring can't get here soon enough!

This week we read two beautiful books, for our study of winter.  Monday and Tuesday, we read Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.  It is one of the most beautiful children's books I have seen.  In addition, it is a wonderful way to introduce children to classic poetry!

For CreativeTime, we used Qtips and painted snow "pointillism style", though many of the children ended up just using them as paintbrushes!

Tuesday, we painted some little winter figurines that I had bought (75% off)!!

We took a break on Wednesday to celebrate a daycare girl's 3rd birthday! And then back to our winter study with the book, The Tomten, for our reading on Thursday and Friday.  The children were excited to find out the Tomten is nocturnal, just like the animals they had been learning about!

Thursday, the children made snowmen, using various materials.

This is WHY the children love Hannah so much--she still plays!!

Friday, the children used food coloring markers (I am in love!) to decorate snowmen cookies! One to eat and one to take home.

**NOTE: Clicking on the title of each book will take you to Amazon, where you can see the book I am describing!

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