Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Another Day

Bunny's day~

4:30am~ I wake to the feeling of emptiness in my tummy. I notice that there are two breasts, seemingly full of my favorite food, right next to me. I flail my arms until I hit Mama in the face, then I start pinching (I think this is the most effective way to wake her). She wakes and rolls me over her chest to nurse me on the full breast (I like this, and giggle). Mama reaches to pull down her shirt, but I am already ahead of her on that. I latch on and start to nurse (Yum! Yum!). With my belly now full, I feel myself drifting back to sleep. I grab Mama's hand to make sure she is still there (She is!).

6:30am~ I wake again to the sound of Mama and Daddy talking. They whisper a prayer, Mama climbs back into bed with me, and Daddy leaves in the big, loud, red truck. I tug on Mama's shirt until she nurses me. I only need a sip then it is back to dreaming.

7:20am~ Mama and I wake. She changes my diaper (ahh), and then gets herself dressed.  Sometimes this can take a while because I want her to hold me the whole time.

7:30am~ We tidy the house together and gather anything we need for the day.

7:45am~ We put on jackets (I do not like jackets) and go out the door into the cold, white world. I turn my face into Mama's warm body. We go down the driveway to Nana's house. Once there, I get so excited to see Nana and my friends! I have to hug and kiss each one. Then I share all of my toys with them and we play.

8:30am~ Breakfast time. Fruit and puffs for me. I love to eat and make messes with my food.

8:45am~ Shelf time. As we get done eating, we all head to the shelves to play. Sometimes, I like to play under the table with all of my big friends, or cruise up and down the hearth and the shelves, go check out my baby friends, or look at books. Sometimes, Mama nurses me.

9:30am~Table time. I hop in the highchair to play with toys. I like to play dropsies.  My friends pick up my toys and give them back to me. After a while, I am bored with that and want down and play on the floor. Mama scoops me up me and changes my diaper and dresses me before I play some more.

10:00am~ Circle time. Nana takes me and we sing songs and play games. It is so much fun and I giggle through about half of it. Sometimes, if I am tired. or if Nana is reading a paper book (she doesn't like to share those), I will go nurse or snuggle with Mama while she looks at the computer. I like to play with the mouse and the keyboard.

10:15am~ Snack time. The older children have fruit, but I have Mama's milk. We curl up in the rocking chair. Mama's milk is so sweet and yummy. By the time my belly is full, I am so sleepy that I can barely keep my eyes open. Mama wraps me so I can snuggle up close to her. I can smell lavender on her skin. It doesn't take long at all for me doze off.

10:30am~ Art/Creative time. I might catch some of this, but for the most part, I am sleeping.

11:15am~ I normally wake just in time to head to the living room for more fun. Sometimes, I snuggle with Mama while I wake up. Sometimes,  I play with toys or roll around on the carpet. Sometimes we even play with music toys (they are lots of fun but they can get kinda loud).

11:35am~ We clean up all of the toys. Then I sit with Mama and watch all the children run in circles, jump up and down, and spin around. Next it is yoga time. We do all kinds of breathing, stretching, and balancing. I can't do them all, but I like to try.

11:45am~ We head in to eat peas and watch a Beatrix Potter movie. My favorite is Peter Rabbit.

12:00pm~ Lunch time. I eat a fruit, a veggie, and sometimes a grain. When I am done, I play on the floor and wait for the older children to finish.

12:30pm~ Mama, Katie, the children, and I all get bundled up and head to my house. Then they go take their naps, Katie goes back to Nana's house, and I play by myself or with Mama.

1:30pm~ Another diaper change and another nurse. Sometimes, I want to go straight to sleep, but sometimes I play for a little bit first.

2:00pm~ By now, I am either going to sleep or in bed already. I snuggle into my big warm bed. It smells like lavender and Mama's milk.

3:30pm~ If I am not awake, Mama wakes me. Through the slit in my eye, I can see her standing over me. I hear her singing (rise and shine). She gathers me into her arms and kisses me. We make our way out to the living room and sit down for a nurse. We take our time and enjoy it because the house will not be quiet for long. Next, the children wake up and we all play together.

4:30pm~ The children are starting to go home. Daddy gets here and I smile from ear to ear. I lunge out of Mama's arm to him. I hug and kiss him (I love Daddy).

5:00pm~ The last child leaves. I play with Daddy while Mama cleans up the house. Then we all play together. Mama likes it when Daddy changes my diaper.

6:00pm~ Dinner time. Sometimes, we eat at my house. Sometimes, we eat at Nana's house. Two veggies and sometimes a grain. Once my tray is clean, I wash my dinner down with Mama's milk.

6:45pm~ If we ate at Nana's, we head home. Daddy and I play while Mama cleans up and gets things ready for bath and bed.

7:00pm~ Bath time. Mama and I take a warm bath with lavender oil. I play with a few toys and splash a lot. Sometimes, I like to nurse in the bath tub. We sing songs and play peek-a-boo.

7:30pm~ We get out of the bath tub (burr). Daddy takes me and gets me dressed. Then Mama and I snuggle and nurse while Daddy reads us Goodnight Moon and some Bible. I hold Mama's hand and drift off to sleep, surrounded by all of my favorite things in the world.

9:30pm~ I wake as Mama and Daddy come back to bed. I tug at Mama and we nurse to sleep.

Middle of the night~ I wake up to nurse again. Mama rolls me over, to between her and Daddy. I rub his strong arm with one hand and her soft breast with the other. I drift off to sleep.


  1. What a cute idea, I'm featuring this on the Sunday Parenting Party this week thanks for sharing