Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Rhythm Of Childhood ~ Batteries Not Included

Part 2 ~ Open Ended Toys & Un-Toys

Open ended toys are toys that have no one purpose. They can be used for anything and everything that the mind imagines. Many of these toys can also be defined as un-toys. Un-toys are not really toys at all. They are the everyday things that children love to use for play. Some of my favorites would be playsilks and boxes. Others are dress-up (non descriptive), buttons, and baskets.

Open ended and un-toys are as diverse as the children who play with them. They can become capes, hats, houses, ships, or gold coins. They can turn child into a superhero, a daddy, a lion, or a pirate.

A Superhero and Benjamin Bunny!

A Pirate!

A whole band of Superheros!!

A lion in his den

Open ended and un-toys encourage a child to use his/her imagination while playing. They allow a child to be whatever they want to be or can think of, regardless of what toys they have around them.

One of the best things about open ended and un-toys is that it gives grown ups the ability to act fast and be creative when coming up with something to do.


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