Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Back To Basics~Natural Remedies

Ear Infections and Vampires Beware!
Bunny woke at 11:00pm crying. After I nursed, sang, rocked etc., etc... She finally (we are talking like 1:42am) fell asleep. I assumed it was teething. Poor thing was having a hard time holding a latch. She slept well the rest of the night.

This morning I had some lovely ladies over for life group (a bible study kinda thing). Bunny skipped her morning nap (which is normally fine). Just as they were leaving, she was getting really sleepy, so I snuck away to put her to sleep. She dozed off and slept for about 30 minutes (she normally sleeps for about two hours when she skips her morning nap). She woke screaming at the top of her lungs and rubbing her ear. I nursed, sang rocked, etc., etc. She finally stopped fussing and was content for me to hold her. I put Hyland's ear drops and cotton in her ears and gave her Tylenol. She played, ate lunch and nursed again. I gave her ear drops and cotton again. Then rocked her back to sleep at 2:30 and she was up by 3:00, screaming. Same thing over again. At this point, I was starting to worry about an ear infection. She kept tugging it and not wanting me to touch it. More ear drops. I figured that (unless she got better) I would have to take her to the doctor's on Monday evening.

I have to admit, on the inside I was freaking out. I have issues with babies on antibiotics (as with any medicine). I prayed, and suddenly ask Mama to look up remedies online. She did and found out that garlic can not only help an earache, but (in some cases) can even cure an ear infection.

I didn't have any garlic, but onions are the next best thing. I chopped a tiny bit of onion and wrapped it in some tissue. As soon as Bunny had it in, she stopped fussing. A few minutes later, she was playing and being her normal, happy self. I replaced the onion packet a few times throughout the day. Later in the evening, my sister brought me some garlic from the grocery store where she works. I made a packet for her ear at bedtime and gave her Tylenol. She slept well, only waking to nurse (she didn't even cry, she just started moving around). I replaced the packet, and she fell back to sleep. I continued to pray and made extra garlic packets for the middle of the night.

Bunny woke this morning and was a little fussy. I repacked her ear with garlic and she cheered up in no time. She was still pretty clingy to me all day, but otherwise seemed fine. This afternoon, we went to Mama's house to visit. Bunny was happy to play for a while, but when I picked her up she felt warm. She had a temp of about 101. At this point the Monday evening doctor's visit seemed eminent. We added garlic oil to our treatment plan. Mama and I also researched Silver Shield (you should really look into it) and we decided that the Hubs would pick some up the next evening. Garlic, garlic oil and Tylenol before bed. She slept well and I replaced packet during the night.

Bunny woke this morning completely fine! Praise the Lord! No doctor visit for us! No yucky medicine! Oddly, she was in an even better mood than usual (makes me wonder how long her ear had actually been hurting). I continued with treatments and The Hubs bought Silver Shield on his way home from work. Silver Shield, garlic, and garlic oil before bed. She slept better than she has in a while (really makes me wonder how long her ear had been hurting). Thank you God for getting us through this!

Tuesday & Wednesday~
Continued treatments, just to be sure. Bunny is even more pleasant than her usual chipper self (sleeping better too). I am amazed at the power of God, prayer, and garlic. I am so glad that I calmed down enough to check out my options for ear infection cures. Praise God!


  1. Yes, I took it (capsule form) recently for an infected tooth and sinus. Works just as well as anitbiotics it seemed to me.

  2. Sorry for the typo! Wonder if garlic works for that as well? :D

  3. we warm colloidal silver for ears glad she is better

  4. Marna~ I love them both!

    Lori~ Silver Shield contains colloidal silver... Good stuff!