Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why Buy The Cow?

The other day, our whole family got ice cream from Coke N Float.

Not wanting to leave the babies out, we gave them some "ice cream" too.


Taking a bite...


It is a hit!


All I did was take six oz of frozen breast milk, put it through Mama's ice shaver, added a few drops of vanilla, and stirred until creamy!

Breast milk ice cream

So what is the difference between this (above pic)...

And this (below pic)?

Cow's milk ice cream

Most people would not eat breast milk ice cream.

Why is this?

Breast milk is free (if you produce it yourself), full of antibodies, and...

Cow's milk is expensive, contains no antibodies, and...

Don't get me wrong, I don't really like the idea of consuming breast milk (especially other people's).

But (even though I do it) I don't really like the idea of consuming milk that comes from a cow's udders either.

Which would you eat, and why?


  1. I think the idea for the babies is brilliant, I think the idea that cows milk isn't for humans is... well... not necessarily true. God gave us many different things to eat, cows milk being one of them. The fat in whole cows milk aids in the myelination of the nervous system (as does breast milk!). I won't go on about how it angers me that the WIC program is limiting milk for children to 2%, or less, milkfat. Or that the two girls I have in school have a choice (if they eat hot lunch) of sugar laden NON-fat chocolate milk, or 1% white.

    Love, love, love your blog, and encourage my daughters to read it!


  2. I can't have cows milk anymore. poor digestive system can't handle it..but I've come to accept the fact that it's the way it's suppose to be. I do miss out on the ice cream though.

  3. My family drinks cow's milk. I do try to buy the lactose free (for The Hubs), organic to avoid added hormones as well as other things.I am not at all trying to say that cow's milk is bad for us (unless you have an intollerence/ allergy). I am just pointing out how widely excepted it is to drink cows milk. Yet breast milk is thought of as sick or gross to many people.`Just my thoughts.

  4. Love it!! I agree--I have no issues with people drinking cow's milk... but come'on why is breastmilk not acceptable. Ok maybe not even acceptable but WHY does our society think cow's milk is superior?

    We all drink BREASTmilk--just some drink it from cows LOL

  5. Cow's make is superior in taste imo. I like cow's milk. I have to say---I prefer the taste of cow's milk...and cheese made from cow's milk---nothing else comes close. I say all this because well, I'm dairy deprived and hating it.

    Breastmilk is awesome for babies and lil ones---but I've tasted my own breastmilk and it's weird tasting---not yummy to me lol.

  6. Camille--you made me laugh--you are so dairy deprived right now. Breastmilk is much sweeter (you could use it in dairy recipes since you are avoiding dairy right now and maybe not notice the difference in taste)