Friday, April 8, 2011

Giveaway Week: Friday

In honor of Bunny's birthday week, I am planning to do one giveaway a day, Sunday - Saturday. This should be fun as well as bring new veiwers to both my blog and others involved.

A Yellow Sunflower Hair Clip from Abella Boutique

In her words:

I'm Angie, sahm with a blended family of 3 special needs children, 1 hubby, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a partridge in a pear tree. I make hair clips, modest attire (skirts, culottes, dresses, etc), scrub tops, and other fabric based items as time allows, with a lot of my biz originaly from Ebay. But, with the rising cost of ebay, I've turned to Etsy, especially after seeing the love of hand made there. We just recently opened a shop for hubby's photography, so we are up to 3 shops. Many of my items as of late are going to missionaries both domestic and foreign, who are able to make use of my hand made items to pass along to girls and women they come in contact with. This leaves my shops a bit empty, but gives me the warm fuzzies and helps out people....that matters more to me than the money. :) 

To enter this giveaway, follow my blog, and leave a comment below. Comments will close at 8:00 am 4/9/2011. The winner will be chosen by the luck of the draw and announced in this post by the end of that day. Thanks for supporting and participating!




  1. I want in on this one, that clip is so cute!

  2. OHHH This is Great! Hannah you find the neatest stuff!~

  3. You are the first blog that I'm a follower of! Love the sunflower. Very nice for spring.

  4. I love it!!!! Would look lovely on my little girl :)