Sunday, April 3, 2011

Giveaway Week: Sunday

In honor of Bunny's birthday week, I am planning to do one giveaway a day, Sunday - Saturday. This should be fun as well as bring new veiwers to both my blog and others involved.

One LARGE play silk! Your choice of color!

Color Choices: Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow, or Red

8mm Habotai Silk!

 Huge 44"x44"!

Big enough to use as a small blanket, or anything else you can imagine!

36x36 & 12x12 shown

For more info on play silks, click here!

To enter, please click (at the very top of the page or along side this post) to follow my blog, then leave a comment about why you love play silks and what color you would want if you won. Comments will close at 8:00 am 4/4/2011. The winner will be chosen by the luck of the draw and announced in this post by the end of that day.



  1. We have never had a Play Silk but would Love to try them! We Love to take sheets and place a ball in it and Bounce it up and Down and see how high we can make it go. We can easily get an hour of play time out of this game. We would love to have one to try out in Pink

  2. Hi! I just got the link to your blog. How awesome of you to do giveaways all week. We have never owed a play silk before either but would love red!

  3. love love love playsilks.....the children at my in home waldorf inspired playschool use them for so many mimic water, bags, backdrop for puppet shows, hats, hairdresser capes...they are the ultimate open ended toy in my opinion!
    we would love to have a beautiful silk from you, mama:) xoxo

  4. I've never had or used play silks, but I've always thought they looked super cool. Now that I'm pregnant, the search for toys has begun!

  5. I love play silks because I never heard of them before and they look so soft and feminine for my baby girls who looove anything girly :) I would love to try one out--in PURPLE/LAVENDER

  6. I absolutely love the silks!! Garrett got one from Nana and Hannah and he loves it!! I am so excited that someone will get to enjoy one for free!! Thank you Hannah for being such a wonderful Mom and taking such good care of my little man!!! You are a blessing!!!

  7. I put play silks on the Christmas list for my kids last year. I had hoped one of my sisters (who maybe had more time) would buy/dye some for us. My kids would have a blast with a play silk ... and then I'd have to buy more. LOL!!

    Color? Well, it can't be too girly so my boys can play too. Red would make a nice cape or skirt or anything. Ack! I love the green, though. So, red or green ... and I can't decide.

    I already was following you, because your Mama brags on you so much. :D I enjoy your blog.

    April E.

  8. I'd love, love, love to have one of your playsilks! I can just already envision Mallory using one in her fashion designs!
    Colors? Oh boy, she'd love red, purple, green, pink... who knows with her and her imagination!

  9. With 10 homeschooled kids, I can't even take the time to list all the ways a play silk would be used! But I know dancing would be a featured use. With lots of little boys, I'm thinking green would suit best - not too girly, but not one of their favorites and therefore fair game for fighting over! LOL

    I loved reading through some of your blog entries!

  10. Love the playsilks. My daughter would love a purple or pink! I've never seen anything like it, but I'm most certain she would DANCE with it! :D

  11. This is Nicole--kinda LOL She has tried 2X to get a comment on here and for whatever reason it is not coming through... so pretend *I* am Nicole (though she has too many little ones and my kids are almost grown up so I really want to stay ME lol)

  12. LOL Ok So I didn't win, but now you need to tell me where I can find one to buy. I want to get Hallie one for her birthday at the end of May. =)

  13. Tiffini--I am planning to start making and selling them. I'll chat with you on FB about the details!

  14. Thank you so much Hannah! Can't wait to see how Mallory uses it!