Tuesday, April 19, 2011

These Are My People: The Hubs

The Hubs (AKA: My Love, Dada, Daddy, Papa, & Kyle White)~

I met Kyle the summer that I was 14 years old. We fell in love right away. After about six months of talking and becoming best friends, we started dating. By that spring, we were totally committed, in it forever (married in our hearts). He is the only boy I have ever kissed. We've had to overcome some really hard things together, but we are stronger because of it.

Having been aware of Kyle's living situation for several years, my parents pretty much adopted him when he turned 18 and he slept in my brothers' room. He finished his senior year in high school (with grades almost double what they were before he moved in with us) and we graduated that May. We both worked hard and saved money for our future house. On our shared birthday Jan 10, 2008, we got (officially) engaged. We (legally) married that summer (8/8/08,) on the beach, with only our family present. It was perfect. While still living with my parents, we bought and remodeled our home (a 1976, 24'x52' double wide) and moved in June 2009. Shortly after, we got pregnant with Bunny.

I have loved Kyle everyday for over six and a half years. He is an amazing man of God, a great husband, and a wonderful father to Bunny. We have grown up together and he has amazed me every step of the way. He is my best friend and one true love. We both decided along time ago that we would rather go without things, than go without each other. So, while there is more money to be made by working out of town, he chose to work a job where he can be home by 5:00 every evening.

Kyle is always doing something to help me, whether it is adding an outlet to our living room (he is a certified electrician), baking cupcakes for Bunny's birthday party, or just being there when I need him. He is quite the tinkerer and can fix almost anything. He likes to keep busy, so he finds productive things to do. We are now working on a little shop called Enchanted Childhood Playthings. It will be full of wonderful little toys and things for children to do.

Kyle is amazing. I love him.

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  1. I love this "son" of mine! I am proud of the man he has become!