Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day Post

I have been trying to think of a good Mother's Day post all day. The truth is, I got nothing. I guess I could write about my mama. How she is my best friend, my mentor, and my inspiration. How she made me who I am and everything good in me comes from her. I guess I could write about all the great mamas I know. How they give all they have to their families. How they are strong in the Lord and they give strength to other as well. I guess I could write about my life as a mama. How it is different than I thought it would be, and yet exactly how I knew it would be. How I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I guess I could write about what it takes to be a mama. How giving birth does not make you a mama, and at the same time, you can be a mama without having any children of your own. How being a real mama has nothing to do with blood, and everything to do with love. I guess I could write all of these things, but it has all been said before and it will be said again, I am sure.

Sometimes, words just do not express what I feel inside. Sometimes, there is nothing I can do except keep living my life as a mama. After all, that is what Mother's Day is all about!

Happy Mother's Day to to all mamas out there!

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