Monday, May 16, 2011

Shift Happens

(You don't have to watch the video. It is simply for listening purposes.)

Around here, Mondays are always a bit hectic. Even a bit manic. Everyone is overly tired and most of the children are cranky. We generally follow a rhythm that best works with our daycare. But on Mondays (and occasionally other days), so many are ready for nap time that we call a SHIFT!

Calling a shift is kinda like an calling an audible. We realize that this is not working and we make a change in the middle of our rhythm. We shift lunch time up 30 minutes. This shift can happen slowly over the duration of many of our activities, or we can call shift and suddenly be 30 minutes ahead of where we were. We have learned that, as long as we still do all of our normal things in our normal order, no body notices the shift in time. We eat lunch at 11:30 instead of 12:00 and head off for naps at 12:00 instead of 12:30. The odd thing is that the children normally sleep just as late as any other day. This only confirms our theory that they were overly tired and need a nap.

We all have rough days (especially Mondays) and need to shift things a bit. It doesn't mean that we are doing something wrong. It just means that, sometimes, shift happens.

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