Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Wind Up

So... Let me tell you what I did this weekend...

I kept Bunny on my normal morning to sleep in so The Hubs could go turkey hunting (he didn't get anything)... Broke my toe on the coffee table (it is swollen, purple, and gross)... Fed Bunny breakfast... Sent out the first Enchanted Childhood Playthings order...Went to life group with some awesome mamas (including Mama and my sister, Meagan)... Fed Bunny lunch and put her down fo her nap... Finished spring cleaning Bunny's bedroom (and the whole back half of the house)... Took Bunny to Mommaw's to see some out of town family while The Hubs mowed my other grandma's yard... Made a pile of hand-me-downs for Bunny's cousin, Birdie... Ate ice cream with the family (Bunny had breastmilk ice cream)... Came home for Bunny's snack and bath... Stayed up late with a sleepless Bunny... Went to church, but left early because Bunny was so fussy (probably from not sleeping last night)... Picked up a few things on the way home... Cleaned up the house... Fell asleep with Bunny at naptime... Woke up to watch a movie with The Hubs... Went to Mama's to eat dinner and hang out with my brother, Matt, when Bunny woke up... Helped The Hubs modify a box spings for Bunny's little big girl bed... Stripped and washed the sheets... Fed, bathed, and put Bunny to bed... Cleaned up most of the house... Hunted down and sent a recipe to a friend... And now I am sitting on the couch, about to head off to bed... I love my life!

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