Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Come Along With Us On An Enchanted Childhood Adventure!

It has been a while since I wrote up our weekly doings at our Enchanted Childhood Playschool, so I carried my camera around today on our adventures so the children could share with their parents a bit of what we have been doing!

Introducing Mr Jeremy Fisher (from the tale written by Beatrix Potter)

Bathroom Break!
Running down the Nature Path!

Brayden found a "pet"--Silly Sally Salamander
Playing on "Two Tree Mountain" and "Two Tree Mountain Slide" YES we name everything!

A colony of tiny butterflies!!

Stopping by the creek to give Silly Sally Salamander a drink.
If you look closely you can see the butterflies surrounding the children--very magical!

The children can hardly take two steps without making another discovery--some kind of insect this time.

Then off to Poppaw John's garden to see the chickens....

And search for strawberries! 

Poppaw John surprised us with the 1st carrots of the season!!
How appropriate since we had just read The Carrot Seed this morning.

And finally off to the creek!


  Luke is the champion crab catcher!


  1. What a lovely summer day! How wonderful to read The Carrot Seed and them have the first carrots of the season! :)

  2. Was wondering where this is? Is this a public place to visit or a private farm? Looks like a fantastic place to play! (no ticks I hope!)

    1. It is our family's property... we live on an acre than adjoins my parents' 30+ acres that adjoins my grandparents' 4 acres.