Friday, July 8, 2011

Barefoot And Pregnant

5 Weeks~


Had the day off, so I spent it deep cleaning the back half of the house. I am trying to get things ready for me to be too tired to do anything. It was great to get to announce my pregnancy. Early bed time tonight.


Went shopping.Then made a huge list of all the things we need to do around the house. So tired. We ask Bunny if she wanted a brother or a sister. The first time, she said brother and the next time, she said sister. I guess she will have to wait to know with the rest of us.


Back to work today. Busy weekend, but lots of fun. Tired but good.


I have been so busy this week. Found out that I get to see My Ruth (Midwife) next week. Not for me, but for Meagan. She finally made up her mind and is going through with a homebirth! I am feeling pretty good just a little tired in the evenings, but amazingly, Bunny has fallen in love with her papa and wants him a good bit. She is still nursing, though I am starting to get sore at times. I will be 6 weeks tomorrow!

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