Friday, July 15, 2011

Barefoot And Pregnant

36 & 6

6 Weeks~


I threw up for the first time of this pregnancy today. I drank some water after brushing my teeth this morning and it didn't agree with me. Much better than throwing up breakfast though. I have been doing good on eating well and now that I got my new Ergo Carrier (Best thing ever. Put it off way too long.), Mama and I will be going for a long walk every evening before Bunny's bedtime. I now weigh less than I did when I got pregnant with Bunny (still not great, but getting there). Meagan is having her visit with My Ruth (midwife) this evening and I am going to pop in. So excited to see Ruth and Leila (midwife assistant who I used to take Karate classes with when I was 14 haha). I love my life!


We saw Ruth last evening. I love her as much as always. Leila couldn't make it, but should be there next time. Today was rough. I started spotting after nursing Bunny and again when I nursed her later. That combined with starting to get that "hit by a mac truck" exhaustion, and the Hubs finding out that there might be cut backs at work and he should start looking for a new job (Ahh!). It was altogether a very stressful day. Feeling better. Not spotting now, just tired. Very tired. Still doing good on the Brewer's Diet and I feeling healthy over all. Will be seven weeks tomorrow!

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