Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daydream Believer

When I was young, my sisters and I would play princesses. They would all go to the ball, dance with princes and live in castles with servants and riches beyond imagination. I however, would steal away from the ball in some act of rebellion (never against the parents, usually some evil uncle out to overthrow the king), ride all night with my best friend (who was always a blacksmith of some sort) to alert the neighboring kingdom of some imminent danger and save the day. I would then marry the blacksmith boy (I've always had a thing for hard working guys), giving up my crown in the process (marrying commoners was forbidden), and live in a cottage on the outskirts of town. Working hard to build a life together. That was my happily ever after. Turns out, dreams do come true. I did marry my best friend and we have been on many incredible adventures together.

I may be a dreamer, but I dream of simple things. I don't need a new car, or the latest phone. I don't want a huge house, or designer clothes. When I pick up something I like, I try to ask myself how it would improve my life. Many many times, I put it back down. If I can think of a way it makes my life better, I then ask myself how much I would pay for it. THEN I look at the price tag. If it is over my decided price, I walk away. This system seems to work well for me.

Just this Saturday, I saw a beautiful hand blacksmithed leaf necklace. The price was double what I wanted to pay for it, so I did not buy it. But when we left, I kept thinking of how lovely it was. I mentioned it to The Hubs and told him that I really liked it but there was no way I was going  to pay that kind of money for it. We made our other stops, picking up a few things we needed, then traveled home. We ate lunch and Bunny went down for her nap, I started cleaning up the kitchen and The Hubs went outside to start on some welding he was doing for work. A little while later he came inside handed me a small peice of metal. It was a leaf! My blacksmith boy made me a leaf! We strung it with some leather and tied it off. It is beautiful. Perfect. Even better because he made it for me. He is amazing like that.

My awesome new necklace.

One happy wifey (with straightened hair).
 My new necklace only cost about $2.00 and 15 minutes to make. The one I saw in the store was $19.99.  Dreams do come true!  You just have to work for them.

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