Monday, September 12, 2011

Back To Basics ~ Homemade Happiness

Sew Simple~

After one long, stressful, confusing evening of learning how to use my second hand Singer Simple sewing machine, I finally figured it out (thanks to some facebook friends who replied to my desperate post). It works like a dream. I have been coming up with new things I want to sew. A pillow case dress for Bunny has always been at the top of the list. I had two cute pillow cases that I bought at a yard sale. So I used them to learn. When she found out I had two matching ones, my 14 year old sister, Katie, begged me to make her and Bunny a matching shirt and dress. Katie is the only 14 year old I know who would want to match a toddler, and I lover her for that. So, after a trip to Joanne's Fabric, I spent a nap time and a late night figuring it all out. Finally around 11:00pm they were finished. It was really easy once you figure out what to do.

In Katie's awesomeness, she insisted they wear them to church to show them off.

The next day, I made another dress for Bunny.
 I couldn't find a pillowcase I liked, so I just sewed my own out some fabric I loved.
I used 1/2 a yard of fabric. This makes it big enough to last Bunny for at least a couple of years.

 I am pretty excited to finally know how to sew some. The Hubs picked out some camo fabric at the store and has been begging me to make Bunny a camo dress, so I guess that is next. I have decided that sewing will be part of Bunny's homeschooling when she is older. Katie is wanting me to teach her too. It is really a great skill to have and the savings can be remarkable. I spent about a grand total of less than $8 for all three pieces. Pretty cheap for such cute clothes!

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