Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wild And Wooly

While I have always tried to be careful about keeping Bunny warm enough, now that the nights are getting pretty chilly in our little double wide (and Bunny is a blanket kicker), I am making a few warmer changes in our normal, daily lifestyle. Recently, one of my favorite blogs, Are So Happy, shared a link to their favorite woolens seller (now my favorite woolens seller), as well as what woolens they wear. Since I loved Are So Happy's Warmth Week Posts, and have incorporated some of their ideas into our life and love them, I decided that woolens were the way to go to keep Bunny warm in the winter (and fall, and spring).

The woolens still in their packages.

All the woolens, except the sleeveless undershirt that Bunny was wearing.

I placed a order for about $160.00 worth of wool. YIKES! I had to remind myself that I plan to have more children (plus, my sister's girls can wear them when Bunny gets too big), so it is really not that expensive in the end. The short sleeve undershirt I wanted was out of stock, so I happily settled for sleeveless. I also purchased a long john set, a pair of socks, a hat, and a pair of mittens. All in organic wool or wool/silk combo. The package came today, and I was anxious to open it. These woolens are gorgeous! So much softer than I had expected. I put Bunny in the sleeveless undershirt right away, and it fit great. I am using the long johns as pjs. Since her current cotton pjs are beginning to get to small, this will save me from buying more. And since wool only needs aired out and very rarely washed (it is self sanitizing), she can wear them every night if needed. I am so excited for Bunny to wear them for many chilly months to come.

Bunny in her new wool silk long john pjs.
Sooo sweet...

The sleeveless undershirt airing out
and waiting to be worn again in the next day.
(The two spots along the side are where water splashed out of Bunny's bath.)

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