Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Birthday Surprise

Yesterday, The Hubs and I were finally able to have our Birthday Day Away.  (Our birthdays are January 10th--YES, we share a birthday!)  We had a wonderful day, eating and shopping at IKEA, just the two of us, while Bunny had a day with Nana.

While out for the day, we were able to get a sneak peek at our joint present (still under construction).  Seeing it makes it even harder to wait for our gift to be delivered in early July.  Do you wanna see a picture of our gift?

Children are gift from the Lord! Psalm 127:3


*We are 17 weeks pregnant.
*Baby's estimated due date is July 2nd.
*Which should mean the baby will be here by mid July (Bunny was 7-11 days past EDD).
*We are planning a home birth with My Ruth, a sweet, experienced midwife.

The day before the ultrasound, we tried a few of the "gender predictor" type tests.

*The Chinese Gender Predictor said GIRL (ha! It said "boy" with Bunny.)
*The Ole Ring on a Thread over both tummy and wrist both said BOY
*The Ole Needle on a Thread over both tummy and wrist both said BOY
*The Pee in Baking Soda (yes we tried that too) said BOY (slight fizz...)
*Brother-in-law (who's never been wrong) said BOY
*A solid, landslide majority of family (who voiced an opinion) said BOY (except my dad who held strongly to GIRL)

So we went into the gender scan thinking we might have an idea of what we were having. It was beyond words how wonderful it was to see our healthy, beautiful, precious baby.....


Our baby, Squirrel, was very active and bounced up and down for about half of the ultrasound. Even so, we managed to get a clear view of her bottom.

We made the gender announcement at our family's Sunday evening dinner.  Family members were given a choice of a cupcake or cookie and when they bit into them, the baby's gender was revealed!

 Thank you, Pinterest!

With two little girls, we will probably be seeing a lot of pink over the next few years. Bunny is very happy to have a Tiny Baby in Mama's belly. She is going to be such a little mama, and teach her little sister everything she needs to know. I wonder what kind of things they will do together. They will be quite a pair. I am very excited for the many adventures of Bunny and Squirrel.


  1. CONGRATS! I had thought for a while you are might be expecting:)