Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Kiss At Midnight

Seven years ago, a boy and I shared a kiss just after midnight. We have not missed a year since. Looking back I have a hard time believing that it was so long ago, or that I was really so young at the time. But I suppose it must all be true seeing as how I have never woken up, or closed a book, or snapped out of what I was sure at the time was a daydream. I mean really, no one marries the first boy that ever held their hand. But I did. A third of my life ago, I fell in love with the man (who was more like a boy at the time) that is now an amazing husband, wonderful father, and still my best friend. So many things have happened since then. So many possibilities in the year to come.

Happy new year everyone! What a wonderful year it promises to be...

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