Monday, January 16, 2012

Underwear Are Fun To Wear

We introduced the idea of the potty to Bunny late this summer. I would take her to sit on it a couple of times a day, just to get her used to the idea. Sometimes she would pee, sometimes she wouldn't. It was all very casual. Around Christmastime, she started saying, "Pee potty!" and getting more and more interested.

The the week after Christmas (I had a few days off), I decided it was time to get serious. I took her every 30 minutes. If she didn't pee, I would take her again in 15 minutes. We still had wet diapers about half of the time, but she was starting to catch on. The next week she had a mild backslide. With doing full time daycare there were a lot of thing to distract (her and me) from remembering to potty. We slowly got back on track.

We ordered some Little Comet Tails Trainers (cloth pull ups). The go up and down like undies, but still have the snaps for big messes. We ordered smalls, but they made Bunny look like a plumber, so we got some mediums. I started saying corny things like, "Underwear are fun to wear!" and "Push out the pee so we can get a potty treat!". We buy Annie's Organic Fruit Snacks and gave her one anytime she pottied. This is the only time she gets them, so she thinks they are a great reward.

(Disclaimer: I know some people don't like using food as rewards, but I am not too concerned that she will develop an eating disorder from potty treats. She is already forgetting to ask for one most of the time anyway.)

Over the last week and a half, she has started telling us she has to go. We put her in dresses and no undies at home, and she just runs off to her little potty when she has to go. When she is done she yells, "Pee potty!" and we go and help her wipe and dump her little potty. She is very independent about it, and loves to tell people about her great feat.

We haven't had a pee accident in a few day, and haven't had poopy pants in over two weeks (Thanks, God). She is still in diapers at night, but other than that, she is pretty much potty independent. I still remind her (or even have her sit to try) every now and then if she hasn't gone in a while, and I know she will still have accidents sometimes, but I am very excited that she has come so far in such a little bit of time.

(Pics to come!)

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  1. Thats great! Rora is at the point of saying everything is stinky, and just sitting on the potty. She can wear the gerber cloth undies without mistakes and shes dry all night long. Chance is at the point that he just goes when he needs to, but its night trained yet.