Monday, February 6, 2012


I have become quite fond of the Goodwill in the next county over (The one we had here closed several years ago... Poo!). When I find myself with nothing to do on a Saturday morning, a sewing machine calling my name, and absolutely no material to use, Bunny, her papa, and I mosey on over. We scour the racks and racks of clothes, hoping to find that perfect piece. I can usually spot the good ones without even pulling them out, but The Hubs is still learning what the different fabrics and fibers look like. He walks around and randomly grabs a hanger to check the tag on whatever he thinks looks good. Bunny usually likes to ride in the buggy, and sort through the pile. On this day however, she had a bit of extra energy to run off. And with a nearly empty store, I was inclined to oblige her.

We have decided that, since we have a large selection to choose from, we will be very picky and only select 100% wool (or cashmere if we are lucky). We actually end up with quite a large pile in our buggy. At the end of our search, we sort back through all of our finds and only keep the best.

Once home, I decide what piece I want to work with.

I lop off the sleeves.

Using a pair of well fitting pants as a template, I mark were the inseam should be.

I splice down the seam (leaving a couple of extra inches at the top for the waistband).

I pin and sew the two leg pieces together.

Then I fold down and sew the waistband, and insert the elastic.

I also like to use the chest piece of the sweater.
Trim it up and sew, making it into a dress for Bunny.

I have to say that this is my favorite outfits of Bunny's. She gets lots of compliments on it.

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