Friday, March 23, 2012

A Moment in The Life of a (almost) Two Year Old!

One very small creek.. not really even a creek, just some run off from last night's rain.

But to a two-year-old (or a 23 month 2 week old) it is a raging river with waterfalls to be enjoyed, conquered, and sometimes... feared.

"Help me, Mama"

"I dude it!"

Nope! Wait! ... "Mama!!!!!!!"

"Hold you, mama!"

After a snuggle, back to the creek again.. a calmer part of the wild, raging river!

Nevermind... she decided to just stay with mama!

It is so wonderful to have a mama right there to hold you when your own courage falters!


  1. What a sweet post. Looks like your little one enjoyed the adventure - and the cuddle at the end :-) Thank you for sharing on Happy Family Times :-)

  2. Oh, how fun!! It is always wonderful to have Mama right there to hold you and help you. Thank you for sharing with us.