Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seeds of Change

There is something about the spring air that inspires change. I step onto my porch in the mornings with Bunny on my hip and Squirrley bouncing happily around in my ever growing belly. I close my eyes and breath it deep into my lungs. For just a moment, I hold it there. Somehow allowing it to work its magic. That fairy magic is everywhere these days. I find it in a fist full of dandelions and the wish that is made as little seeds float off into the breeze. I find it is the sunlight, reflecting off of Bunny's golden curls. I find it under my bare feet, down deep in the dirt. I find it everywhere.

The magic fills me to the brim. It reminds me that nothing can hibernate forever. Not the tiny buds in the pear trees. Not the trickling creek. Not me.

I, quite recently, made my blog private. The decision to do so was based upon a piece of hate mail I received. I posted this on Facebook:

My husband and I have made the decision to make my blog Like Mama Like Daughter, more private. It can now be viewed by invite only. The reason for this change is that I received a disturbing comment (that was more like a letter) attacking my family. After the initial shock passed, we talked and prayed about it and decided that we didn't want the kind of person that would feel this way having access to our day to day life. We have worked very hard to lead a simple life and hate has no place in it. The purpose of my blog is for me to keep a record, a scrapbook of sorts, of my family's life. For people to enjoy what they are reading. To benefit or possibly learn something from it. So, for this to happen my blog needs to be a bit more private. At least for now...  

Every word of this still stands true. However, I now feel that a piece of hate mail cannot bring hate into my life anymore than a liar can make me lie. Though I cannot control how others feel. I feel no hate toward them... So, I am back.

We have been quite busy around here lately. We have new garden boxes (built by The Hubs), ready to be filled with dirt. We have new seedlings sprouting up from the egg cartons where Bunny and I planted them.

We are planning on getting more chicks (and hopefully selling eggs in the months to come). My dad has been busy planting apple trees in his little orchard. Poppaw's garden is beginning to show signs of life again. The world is waking up. Spring has sprung.

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