Thursday, March 29, 2012

Squirrely's "Nutty Brown Owl" Dress

This is the first thing I have sewn for Squirrely. I wanted to find some cute squirrel or chipmunk fabric (if anyone knows of some, leave me a comment telling me where), but the acorns showed up first and I figured they would work well for a little Squirrely. I also love these awesome little owls (Whooo doesn't love owls?) so I decided to put them together and see what I could come up with.

I used a sleeveless baby shirt as a pattern for the top, and just cut it longer to create a dress.

Remembering to leave extra room for seam allowance, I cut two of each.

Placing one of each pattern face to face, I sewed along the edges of the sides, arm holes, shoulder straps, and neck. I left the bottom open.

 After turning this piece right side out, I top stitched along the arm holes, shoulder straps, and neck. (top stitching is optional, but it does give the piece a more finished look). I left the sides plain.

To deal with the open bottom, I tucked the edges of the fabric inside and pinned it in place to top

Follow all previous steps for the other side.

Placing the two halves (same side up) together on one side, I ran a long stitch connecting them together (thus why there was no need to top stitch the sides previously). I repeated this on the other side.

After cutting off any extra thread, I tied the two shoulder straps together to create a knot.

 I now have a sweet reversible dress for Squirrely!


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  3. That is super cute! I love that it is reversible! Thanks for creating a tutorial!

  4. Super cute reversible dress!

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  6. sweet little dress I am sure it will gets loads of lovely comments when it is on your baby

  7. That is a great dress. The fabric is awesome!

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