Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How To Tuesday ~ Lovely Lavender Spray

Bunny and I both have curly hair. It can be both a blessing and a curse. When it is good, it is very very good. When it is bad, it is horrid. I am currently in the habit of wearing my hair up...mostly for the ease of fixing it, but also because my hair is long and, being that it is curly, it tends to wraps itself around things and get caught in everything. I do wear it down to go out places, but at home, I am a messy bun kinda girl. Bunny on the other hand has shoulder length hair and rarely wants it up. But when she gets out of bed in the mornings, she looks as if she has just been electrocuted. Her hair stands up and mats down in random places all over her head. Perhaps a bird makes its nest in her hair while we sleep.

I needed a solution for her bird's nest. Something that didn't involve washing her hair every morning. First, I tried wetting a hairbrush before running it though her tangles. It was very drippy and left the back of her shirt soaked. Finally, Mama and I (I cannot remember who actually thought of it) decided to try a spray bottle. It worked very well to wet her hair, but the tangles were still an issue. I already use lavender oil to condition our hair after a bath, so it only seemed natural to add it to our spray. It works great! It smells great! And is all natural!

~Lovely Lavender Spray~

You will need:
An empty spray bottle
 and water

Fill up spray bottle with water leaving about 1/2 inch at the top.

Add about 5 drops of lavender oil depending on the size of your bottle.

Spray all over hair

Don't forget the underneath.

And brush through starting at the ends.

The end result is damp curls that will dry into silky shiny ringlets.

The most amazing thing about this spray is that it is multi purpose. Lavender oil is an antiseptic and a pain reliever, as well as good smelling and relaxing, so it has many uses. We use it for perfume, air and fabric freshener, hand sanitizer, calming mist for fussy little ones, boo-boo spray, and much more.

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  1. Awesome! I'm a curly top as well, so this is great info.

  2. Hannah, this is such a good idea! I didn't know lavender oil would help detangle hair. I make a facial spritzer out of it, and love the smell. My girl and I both have curly hair, and hers is a travesty every morning. Thanks for the tip!


  3. Be sure to adjust the amount of lavender oil to suit you little one's hair. Some curly girlies might need more than 5 drops.

  4. What a great idea. My hair got curlier when I was pregnant and the underside is curly, while the top layer is just wavy (I think because it is weighted down), but the top layer gets frizzy. I'm totally going to try this!

  5. We can always use help with detangling around here. I use a spray bottle already, what a great idea to use lavender too!

  6. such a fabulous idea - am going to make some this weekend! thank you

  7. love this idea and i bet it smells amazing!

  8. Wow this is wonderful! My niece has hair that looks just like your daughters- I will make sure to let my sister-in-law know about this. I wonder if this would work better than the curling spray I have and hair spray? Would probably be nicer on my hair, that's for sure! Do you find it works about just as well as spraying all of the hair stuff in your hair? Thanks! -Nicole @ Working Kansas Homemaker

  9. I make lavender spray but never thought to use it in my daughter's hair. What a fabulous idea!

    Thanks for sharing, ~Lisa

    (visiting from Teach Me Tuesday)