Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How To Tuesday: Yogurt Dots

Pinterest has been a great resource. We learned how to make these yogurt dots... they are very loved by the toddlers in our family!

Bunny is helping Nana by opening the organic yogurt.

Haha! More like helping herself to some yogurt!

We buy organic yogurt that has been clearanced for about 1/2 the regular price!

Dump one container of yogurt into a sandwich size baggie. Zip closed.
Cut off a lower corner of the bag.

Squeeze yogurt out, into little "dots" onto a dinner plate.

Squeeze some yogurt into little helper's mouth!
(This was NOT a part of the Pinterest instructions ... but definitely a part of Bunny's directions!)

Place plate in freezer for an hour. Eat!


  1. Mmm....those yogurt dots look pretty yummy...and VERY fun!

  2. Such a simple and lovable treat! Healthy too. :) Visiting from the Let's Pour Tea Link Up!

  3. I've been wanting to try those! They look so simple - my son would love them. Thanks for stopping by famiglia&seoul! Looking forward to exploring your blog. :)

  4. What a simple but super tasty idea! And your Bunny is super sweet!!

  5. We used to buy yogurt bites, I didn't realize it was so simple and much cheaper to just make them. We will definitely be making these soon!

  6. My girls may enjoy these. Will have to try. They are not that fond of yogurt. Great idea. Found you over at Happy Whimsical Hearts.
    Would love for you to stop by and share at Kids and a Mom in the Kitchen

  7. Oh, this is just brilliant! We will definitely be doing this! I'm pinning it too--I'm so glad you shared it at Teach Me Tuesday!

  8. Great idea, what a fun and healthy treat for the kids! Thank you for linking it and I hope you come back tomorrow and share more!