Friday, June 15, 2012

Crafting Along With needle and thREAD

It's been one of those weeks.  A great, but VERY busy weekend meant this VERY pregnant mama started her busier-than-usual-playschool-due-to-summer-break-and-my-sister--our-paid-helper--away-at-church-camp work week already tired. OK. I can handle this. Then Bunny got sick with a fever Monday at noon.  Monday night little sleep. Tuesday night less sleep. Wednesday had me stressed that I would go into labor already very exhausted and fearful *I* would get sick, too.  Thankfully we got some decent sleep Wednesday night and I am starting to feel more like a nine month WAH pregnant mama of a toddler.. rather than a heap of emotional, exhausted, pregnant mess. 

All that to say blogging has suffered and I am a day late getting this post out.

After finding out Squirrely was a girly, we came across these adorable onesies on clearance!!

How about a closer look :)

Coincidence? I think not!

But I had a little problem, or two.  Bunny is potty trained, so a onesie is NOT something she is going to wear AND the bunny onesie is a size too small for her. Oh and they are long sleeve and it is summer (which meant it could be two sizes too small by winter.) Sooooo I decided I could shorten the sleeves and the bottom of each onesie, hem them, and have sweet little summer tees for my Bunny and my Squirrel!

What are we reading?  Prepping Bunny for homebirth books!  Our favorite is this sweet book My Brother Jimi Jazz by Chrissy Butler.  We love everything about this book.. the text is great. The illustrations are real.  Pure art.


  1. More talented than me with a needle and thread!

  2. Looks like those outfits were meant to be for sure! And lovely book ~ gorgeous illustrations :-) Glad to hear you got some sleep

  3. Those shirts are so cute!! How did you hem them? I have passed by onsies that I adored because they are not practical for us and our cloth diapered bottoms but I would love to alter them. Knit fabric scares me though :p
    Thank you for your always inspiring link ups with Keep Calm Craft On!