Saturday, June 30, 2012

An Enchanted Childhood Playschool ~ Summer Break ~ Week Five

Another great week, with hours spend outside everyday! Hikes, gardening, creeking... this is the life!

Each day we have done a little berry picking, nibbling as we go. But we did manage to save enough back to make berry juice to paint with!  The children loved it!

A few times a week, we go to Poppaw John's garden (this is Bunny's great-grandpa) to gather veggies.  This was Friday's pickings... minus several carrots eaten along the way!

We couldn't help but celebrate International Mud Day!

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  1. Oh, how fun. And those veggies look yummy!

  2. Hoping your next post will bring news of a new little person in your family. Can't wait to see pics of that sweet little face!

    1. I wish! LOL We had a major power outage all across WV.

  3. I love the berry painting! Thank you for sharing with Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)

  4. Love the little girl with the paintbrush in her mouth, what a great idea to make your own paint, I would try this with blackberries but I just know mine would eat them all first! Thank you for sharing all your outdoor fun on Country Kids, so much that you manage to do in a week!

  5. That is awesome - I am so going to try berry painting. Your little muddy grubsters are the end are fantastic!

    Please do link up to my Family Frolics on Friday's!

  6. I love these berry paintings - a great use of natural colourings.

    Thanks for sharing on Science Sparks :)


  7. Oh what wonderful mud photos! That brought such a smile to my face - and what amazingly fun memories these kids are going to have - so lucky!! Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times x

  8. What a wonderful week!! I love the berry juice paintings! Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!

  9. This is so creative. Love the idea of berry juice as paint. And the veggies look delish! :)
    Saw your post on Outdoor Play link-up
    -Ana xo

  10. Love the berry juice painting - great idea! (and looks quite delicious, too!) Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party!

  11. I think the berry juice painting is a yummy alternative to regular paint! :)

  12. Really a great idea! I just love berry juice painting. I also love goji berries. Thanks for the nice post.
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