Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Tuesday: Sitz Bath Bags

At my Blessingway, one of the activities we did was to make herbal sitz bath "tea bags".

After Bunny was born, I had a gazillion stitches.  Bathing in a nice, healing, herbal bath was wonderful.  At that time, we had bought some premade herbal mix.  This time around, we put together our own mix. (home birth...home made mix... seems right!)

My grandmother and my midwife making sitz bath bags!

There are many, many recipes for sitz bath herb mixes.  We read the various healing properties of each ingredient and decided upon this recipe.

At the Blessingway, we taped the bags shut with a little piece of tape to secure them until I could stitch them shut, at home.

Each bag will make a gallon of "tea" for a bath.  My mama (my very own personal post partum doula, cook, housekeeper, etc) will brew a gallon 2X a day (morning and night).. allowing each gallon to steep for 12 hours.  After running a bath, we will add in the entire gallon pitcher of "tea", as well as 1/2 - one cup of celtic sea salt.  We may even toss some fresh yarrow flowers into the brew.  Very healing, very soothing.  I am not expecting any stitches this time around, but I imagine my perineum will be sore regardless!  This same brew can be put into a peri bottle for rinsing off after pottying.  It can also be used in a crock pot for warm compresses during labor/delivery.

We bought the organic herbs from The Bulk Herb Store, but all items, including the tea bags, can be bought from Amazon as well.

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  1. Wonderful! I'm pinning this. This would make a good gift for new moms!

  2. Wonderful healing thing to make and have handy...

  3. I LOVED soaking in a soothing herb bath after delivery. It was so healing even though I didn't need stitches. I bought lots of herbs for this next birth, too...but I never thought of buying empty tea bags to fill!

  4. ooooh! this is a lovely thing to do - I shall be filing this away for future use!